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Singer - Raghu Dixith

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Players Lifestyle




Date Of Birth


10 Oct 1994

Place Of Birth


Khurai, Dist. Sagar, State- M.P.


1. What is your fitness mantra?
    Eat good food and do gym regularly and stay fit.

2. Do you follow a specific routine every day?Does it differ during matches?
    Yes, i follow specific routine everyday. But there is little changes using matches.

3. Do you follow a specific diet to stay fit?
    Yes, i do.

4. What is your ideal workout?
    There is different workout everday.

5. How important is fitness in cricket?
    Fitness is very important. Without fitness you can't play for long time. Nowaday's fitness plays very important role in cricket.

6. How do you remain fit and injury free despite your schedule?
    Doing fitness everyday will help us to remain fit and injury free. We should add fitness in your daily routine.

7. How important is mental fitness while playing round the clock?
    Mental fitness is very important while playing. Without it we can't handle pressure. Mental fitness is as important as physics.

8. What is your diet like?Do you eat junk or only eat clean?
    I try to eat clean food everytime.

Cricket and Personal

9. How did you find your passion for cricket?
    From childhood i love the game and i want to play this game. So i am doing it.

10. What was your alternative career option?

11. Who is your favorite player and who is your idol?
    Zaheer Khan.

12. What motivates you and keeps you going?
    My family and my dreams.

13. Describe yourself in one word
    Hard working boy.

14. How do you balance your work/studies and cricket?
    I am playing cricket and rest all take care by itself. It is tuff but for cricket we are able to manage all the thing.

15. How do they keep balance between professional and personal life?
    Actually cricket help a lot in personal life. Cricket teaches lots of thing in life. So after playing cricket it is easy to balance professional and personal life.

16. What helps you retain your focus while playing?
    Trying to be in a present and not thinking so much about future.

17. What is your mantra to handle stress?
    Just try to be happy and don't think too much. Just keep things simple.

18. How do you feel when you have had a bad day on the field and what do you do to bounce back?
    Just think positive and try to motivate yourself

19. How did cricket help you grow as an individual?
    Cricket made me mentally strong.

20. Do you have a playlist of songs that you listen to before matches?
    Yes, i listen to motivational songs.

21. What did your parents say when you said you wanted to pursue cricket professionally?
    Happily they support my decision and they are very happy now.

22. Did you face any challenges while trying to pursue your dreams of being a cricketer?
    Yes, peoples use to speak negatives talks but my parents always support me.

23. Whose wicket do you want to take on the pitch?Can be anyone!
    All wickets.

24. If given the chance to pick a player as your mentor from the current Indian cricket team,who would it be?


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